An amazing experience with the cactus of San Pedro or Wachuma, a full day tour of around 10 hours hosted by Roberto, our shaman who will do a ceremony, guiding us to join ourselves with the surrounding nature and our heart. We will also visit 3 temples while on its effects and host connection exercises with the Apus.

Templo del cóndor ( Parque arqueológico de Ollantaytambo): Located at the north side of the arqueological park, this stones shapes resemble the head and body of a huge condor, Apu Kuntur or Condor was for the incas a mythical and powerful animal named the “Messenger of the Gods ” that flew to the highest level of their religious world (the Hanan Pacha) to bring the prayers to the gods. It is the union between the Hanan Pacha and the Kay Pacha ( our world) . Also represents intelligence and exaltation.

Templo del Condor

Templo de la serpiente ( ñaupa iglesia):

ñaupa iglesia

Templo del Puma (Pumamarca)

Templo de Pumamarca

All transportation is included, some trekking will also be done, and your entry ticket to the archaelogical park is included; Huachuma, Wachuma or San Pedro is a great teacher full of compassion and understanding, that teaches us to love, respect and honor all living beings. It shows us our inner light and our connection to the cosmos as children of light. Each experience will be unique. Huachuma comes from the quechua words “removing your head” as abandonin the ego, when the spaniyards arrive they call it San Pedro, as the saint that holds the key to the heavens.

Its central psycoactive element is Mescaline, entheogenic compound found also in Peyote. The experience begins after 40 min and has its peak at the 3 hour.

This experience can be requestd on advance at the moment of your reservation and its value per person its $150 , if theres more than 2 persons, $120. If you would like to participate in this ceremony please add this value to your lodging budget.

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