Beautiful stone little palaces that the Tupac Inca Yupanqui builded for his panaca ( family tribe), also known as the rainbow city, with the spaniyards church of Montserrat on top, it is also surrounded by agricultural terraces $55.00

Ollantaytambos archaelogical park

Ollantaytambos park

An ancient stone fortress from as old as 12 000 years ago. Amazing ancient architecture. $35.00


Mountain across the park, with graneries deposit and beautiful views $15.00

Fortress of Pisac


Archaelogical remains of an imperial fortress with lots of agricultural platforms. Heres is also the oldest inca cementery.

Maras salt parks


Ancient salt production center, out Ollantaytambo surrounded by beautiful landscapes

Moray terrace


Agricultural laboratories in circular terraces used by the ancients to test different microclimates


San Pedro and the Puma


Full day ceremony with local shaman, taking Wachuma or St Pedro at 3 temples ( puma, condor and snake) (read more)

ñaupe iglesia altar

ñaupe iglesia

Ancient stone temple hidden between cliffs, outside Ollantaytambo, also known as the Snake temple. 8km trekk ( one way )

Pumamarca wall


Stone bulwark with amazing landscapes, known as the temple of the Puma

Check out the Expeditions

All tours include attractions entrance ticket, bilingual local guide and transport.

Bare in mind that the Tourist entry ticket to Ollantaytambo, Chincheros, Moray and Pisac ($20) its included on the price and valid to the four places for 2 days.

Price per peson per tour, please consult for group discount

PISAC – CHINCHEROS – MORAY – OLLANTAYTAMBO’S PACK : $ 118.00 ( a 2 day expedition that includes entry ticket to the 4 archaelogical sites with guide on each site, transportation by local bus and One night stay sharing with breakfast at CASA DE WOW lodge.)

All expeditions must be organized at the time of reservation.

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